Donation jar stolen from the brewery

As you may have seen on local news, an intruder broke into the brewery Sunday night and took off with a carboy full of donation dollars intended for the Village for Families and Children.  We’ve posted various angles of the security footage below. If you can help identify this individual please contact the Bloomfield Police Department at 860-242-5501.

If you’d like to help by making a small donation to help the Village make up for the lost donations that would be awesome.

update 10/4/2014 – Donations continue to pour in, over $4,500 so far and still growing! Great coverage by Hartford Courant, NBC CT, and Fox CT

update 10/1/2014 – Thanks to the generous listeners of the Chaz and AJ morning show who raised over $2,500 in donations in less than 30 min.

update 9/30/2014 – Thanks to the numerous individuals and groups who have reached out and contributed to the Village to help make up for the stolen donations!

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